Timeshare Financing

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Timeshare Financing

All new timeshares provide some sort of financing, there is very little conventional financing that is available for timeshare resale's under $5,000. Nonetheless, on the whole cost savings more, than makes up for the lack of financing. Regardless there are two alternatives that may be available to the buyer but only with the help of the seller. The first one is seller financing and the second is to take on the existing loan.

Let's talk about seller financing: a fair guideline for both the seller and the buyer would be a down payment of 30% with and interest rate of 10% for a term of 36 months.

If you are about to assume a timeshare loan, you can expect to take on an interest rate anywhere from 12% to 18% with 3 to 7 years left on the loan. This is still a great opportunity for a timeshare owner!



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