Red Timeshares Costs

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What is an average price of a “Red” timeshare?

Red Timeshares Costs

Believe it or not the average price of a red timeshare week at a first-rate destination resort is over $25,000. Key developers such as the likes of Disney, Hilton and Marriott are averaging $35,000 and up. Hyatt at Beaver Creek, Colorado was sold out for weeks for as much as an unbelievable price of $333,000. You can believe it; the Timeshare/Vacation Ownership Industry has proven itself at last! Who's buying red timeshares these days? Data information shows that a large amount of the people who buy into timeshares today are of a high IQ's, are bringing home incomes larger than 70K and are college graduates. Guess it pays to get that degree!



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