Top Resorts

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What are the top ten resort areas at this time?

Top Resorts

It is not surprising that the ten top timeshare resorts reflect popular hotel destinations as well. The three major features that draw people are warm weather, beaches and an abundance of attractions that make Florida, South Carolina and California an automatic given on that list!

In Florida, Orlando has about 50% of the state's timeshare resorts, with a major portion of that revolving around Disney World. Not surprising is that Las Vegas is growing constantly which is obvious by the quantity and sizes of the timeshare projects evolving there. Europeans known for taking more and longer vacations than Americans are flocking to places like the Canary Islands. They are balmy, drenched in sun and easily accessible!

So grab that suntan lotion and pack those bags and head on out to your favorite corner of paradise!

Orlando, Florida
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Las Vegas
Florida coasts (both East and West)
California (especially Southern California)
Mexico (Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, in particular)
Southern coast of Spain and the Canary Islands
Southern Africa
Rocky Mountain states (Colorado and Utah, in particular)

Overall, they are the hottest timeshare destinations right now!



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