Up-and-coming Timeshare Destinations

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What are some of the up coming timeshare destinations?

Up-and-coming Timeshare Destinations

In growing destinations, whenever a demand for hotel rooms goes up, so do the needs for timeshares.

In contrasting to other Caribbean destinations, the demand for timeshares in the Virgin Islands has been small until lately. Timeshares are now gaining popularity on the islands of St. Thomas and St. John.

Cities major timeshare impediment is limited space, or at least is was up to now. Urban interval ownership has gradually become more popular in urbans like San Francisco, Boston, and New York.

India and China are becoming hot destinations, so of course, timeshares have sprouted with units opening up in Bangalore and Goa (in India) and Shanghai and Hong Kong (in China).

Napa Valley timeshares are increasing in this retreat of spa resorts and boutique inns.

The picturesque region of British Columbia/Vancouver is another location that timeshare buyers are gathering.

There are just some of the places that stand out were the market for timeshares is on the rise!



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