Types of Timeshares

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What are some types of Timeshares?

Types of Timeshares

There are many types of Timeshares but the 4 basic are described within. Yours might be dissimilar or yet still, even be a mixture of the plans.

Deeded Timeshare (Fixed Unit, Fixed Week)
Here you will be given a deed that testifies you own a particular Timeshare at a definite time each year.

A Floating Time Agreement
Flexible time available for Timeshare usage. When reserving it is on a first-come basis, since every owner has that same choice.

Right-To-Use Timeshare
This is a lease and at the end you will no longer have any rights to the property.

Points-Based or Vacation Clubs
Timeshare owners can pick from a assortment of vacation spot where each stay uses points, which vary depending upon the timeshare and season procured.



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