How to Find a Time Share

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How do I find a Timeshare?

How to Find a Time Share

To find a timeshare that is “perfect” for you make a list of places that you're interested in. Explore the Internet for timeshare resorts in those areas. Consider joining a timeshare “User Group” paying close attention to owner comments. Remember to keep notes so you will remember both good and bad reviews. Go and take a tour of a resort and talk with their salespeople. Check all fees and request a blank copy of purchase agreement. Read all documents meticulously! When offered a timeshare, do not sign the contract immediately. Think about it! If you have your laptop available to you – go on the Internet and compare prices. If you don't have one, hunt out the local library and use theirs!
Look into the Internet timeshare brokers to see what resale units might be available at the resort.



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