Disadvantages of Points Club Membership

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What are the disadvantages of Points Club Membership?

Disadvantages of Points Club Membership

Some of the disadvantages of Points Club membership include no guarantee that a member will be able to book a certain week and/or resort each year or any year as it is on a first-come-first-serve basis. The fee of joining a Points Club, along with the annual fees, may not make the Points Club a good choice when compared with the purchase of timeshare (especially if the timeshare is bought in the secondary market) or to a timeshare rental. Some Points Clubs up the value of points required for a week and/or resort causing the member to pay more in order for them to use the week or resort that they wanted. Because most points clubs are complex, there is a chance of becoming confused with marketing. One final comment, as with regular timeshare, the value of the points bought (unless resale) will be way less than when you bought them in the beginning.



8/7/2009 4:59:22 AM
dave said:

beware - many timeshare resorts charge a "housekeeping" fee when you use your points - this in addition to your annual maintenance fee


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