Choosing Points Clubs

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What should I consider before choosing a Point Club?

Choosing Points Clubs

Before making your choice on which point club is right for you, ask yourself the important questions. For instance, whether you intend to enjoy a specific time period in the same resort at the same time every year, like for example if you need to take your time during the school holidays for your children. Perhaps taking vacation time at different resorts and different times of the year suit you needs better. Do you need to fluctuate the time of your vacation? What about the size of unit? Are you fond of occasional small breaks or perhaps just want a multiple of days as well as a main vacation? Money may the choosing factor. While the larger points clubs do tend to offer more security for future placements and can have a larger degree of choices, bear in mind that some of the smaller ones can be less expensive. Bottom line…take in everything and consider it in length!



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