Time span on timeshare ownership

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What can timeshare ownership offer over a span of several years?

Time span on timeshare ownership

If chosen wisely, timeshare ownership over a span of several years can offer financial and personal gratification. Financially, if you do the homework, the timeshare can significantly pay for itself over a period of years and become a sound investment for your entire family. With a lifetime timeshare property your have a onetime purchase price and your annual maintenance fee.

Let's do some math. If you, your spouse and 2 children stay in a 4-star hotel with pool and restaurant in the Midwest for just "one" night, it could cost you at least $200. For one week, that is $1,400. Over five years, that cost will increase due to inflation and basic hotel upkeep. In ten years that will change to approximately $3200 per week. Finish the sequence and 30 plus years down the road you might not be taking a vacation unless you take out a second mortgage!



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