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Can you do a preview tour?

Preview Your Timeshare Package

When you do a preview tour (also known as a preview vacation), you are offered the opportunity to test out a Timeshare with a sharp cut to the usual rate. There is a possibility you might be asked to attend a sales tour of the Timeshare vacation spot but these tours only last for approximately an hour or two at the most and then the remaining days are yours! Many times Las Vegas Timeshares offer promotional deals on a regular basis. Nowadays, Las Vegas hotels are becoming mainstays for families taking jaunts to the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam or MGM Grand Theme Park! So viva Las Vegas hotels!

Can Timeshares be passed down to family members?

Real Estate Resorts

Think about this…Las Vegas accommodates more than 37,000,000 visitors in a 365 day span and is known as one of the most visited city in the US. Let's face it, it's a perfect spot to own a timeshare. The casinos at the Las Vegas hotels just about guarantee that it is a 24-hour, 7-day week merrymaking town! Las Vegas hotels present prices are approximately $11,000, making a Las Vegas hotel timeshare a $3,000 nationwide “steal”.

Are Timeshares furnished?

Living Comfortably

Timeshares are your home...when you are away from home. They are fully furnished in all rooms, and include laundry facilities as well. There are the usual amenities, but also TV's, telephone and television, dishes, pots and pans and anything else that a normal household has.

Timeshare promotions often assist possible buyers to vacation at a Hawaii resort inexpensively, so become timeshare knowledgeable to make the most of your traveling experience. Hawaii resort timeshare accommodation packages often include offers to guests at significantly reduced prices, freebies or large discounts to special localized attractions and restaurants.

How do I know my vacation property will have something for everyone?

Back to Basics: Williamsburg, VA

Before you buy a timeshare property, it's important to investigate the city and surroundings of the timeshare. Buying a timeshare is an investment the entire family should enjoy. For example, a Williamsburg Virginia vacation ownership package offers activities for kids and adults. Children can participate hands on in the “Hatching the Past: The Great Dinosaur Egg Hunt” or the “LEGO Ocean Adventure”.

If you buy a timeshare, what do you own?

Buy Back Your Time

Two things occur when you purchase a timeshare: you buy time and you share a vacation property. Depending on the type of Timeshare, home, condo or even a boat, you either own a partial amount of real estate or you own the usage rights for a period of exclusive time. You could say that you're receiving endless string of tomorrow's luxury resort vacations at today's prices—infinitely!

Lured in by brilliant landscape and mild 80-degree temperatures, Hawaii resort timeshares are attracting a number of tourist and growing steadily. The Hawaii resort isle of Waikiki is expanding quickly.


Lake Tahoe Living

If you carefully select your timeshare spot to fit your lifestyle, you can guarantee yourself travel happiness. Sun and surf family? Head to the waters of Hawaii, or the Pacific Coast. A family of ski bunnies? Invest in a Lake Tahoe Timeshare, huddled in the mist of spectacular trees, or lofty mountains and sparkling lakes.

Can you explain what an interval is?

Vacation Intervals

Intervals are periods of times given to the owners of Timeshares. Intervals are usually one week to 10-day time spans.

When you book your timeshare travel, you'll be asked to choose the interval you wish to stay. Many companies start intervals on Friday, Saturday or Sunday and offer a seven to 10-day interval stay. So, if you own a Williamsburg Virginia timeshare and wish to book a trip, the timeshare company will ask you to choose your interval time. Make sure you factor in time for golf games, outlet shopping and day trips during your stay!

Who takes care of my Timeshare property?

Timeshare Management

Management companies typically run Timeshares so they are responsible for maintenance, repairs, and refurbishing the units. Some even handle the exchange process.

If there is a problem with one of your timeshare suites, you should report it to the maintenance facility manager at your timeshare, and contact your timeshare company and file a complaint.

Can you explain what rescission is?

Rescission On Your Investment

Both location and seasonal timing decide Timeshare prices. So, beware if you are considering buying in a popular week like spring break or any holiday, remember it will be costly!

Rescission permits people to back out of the deal and get a refund if it is within a certain period of time after they have bought into a Timeshare. Normally it is between 3 to 10 days, however each state has its own rescission time.

Are there fees attached to Timeshare ownership?

Surf's Up

For an all around good time, check out Hawaii resort areas of Kona and Hilo. They are by far the most popular Hawaii resort spots and are listed in the top 10 for surfing locations. Demand for these Hawaii resort timeshares at times exceed their supply. Bear in mind while the usual price of a Hawaii resort timeshare runs nearly double the national average, they are in great demand and can easily and quickly be traded for longer stays or high scale accommodations in other places. So once you checked out the surfing – you would have no problems trading in the board for a set of skis!

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