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What are the advantages of buying points?

Buying points

There are a tremendous amount of advantages of buying timeshare points verses buying a deeded timeshare slot. Points are just the thing for people wanting to vacation less than a week and and/or in a range of different locations. You get to choose your location, size of the unit, and length of your stay. There are numerous resorts that have literally hundreds of vacation areas where you can use points. Reserve timeshares all over United States, Mexico and the Caribbean, and let's not forget booking cruises.
Points are mostly linked with the larger timeshare developers, and unlike traditional timeshares, the points can be used in countless resorts in the developer's over-all system. Some say it's like owning all the resorts at the same time. Also points give you the ability to split weeks into 2 or 3 day periods if so desired.

What is a Use Year, and when does it begin?

Use Year

A “Use Year” is a 12 month time span in which you use points from your company's point's membership and begins once your enrollment documents are accepted. Depending upon companies, points that remain unused at the end of the “Use Year” may be automatically saved. Points are made available to you at the beginning of your “Use Year”.

Will my Points ever go up or down?

Fluctuating Points on Vacation

Yes, there is a possibility that point values could alter. For instance if there was a distinct value or amenity change at your resort, it would create an impression on comment card scores over time, then the values might alter. For example, if your Hawaii vacation resort built a couple of brand new outdoor luxurious swimming pools, your point values could possibly rise. No company would make any illogical changes to point systems.

Are there small point clubs available?

Smaller Points Clubs

There are some timeshare point clubs that are connected with larger clubs, which allows them a significantly added range of resorts for selected holidays. Beware though, as smaller points clubs are a higher risk than the larger clubs because of their vulnerability. You never know when there might be a takeover. Tread carefully as there are numerous "scam" clubs around that give loads of verbal promises that are unconfirmed by information or documentation!

What are points?

Timeshare Points

Points are a form of currency used at the time of an exchange. A Timeshare is given a specific amount of points as a way to place a value upon it. You can buy additional points in order to add on more days to your Timeshare, select a larger unit, or use points for exchange value.

For example, if you own a Lake Tahoe timeshare but want to a Williamsburg vacation, you can take the Lake Tahoe timeshare points and exchange them for nights in Williamsburg. The timeshare company will tell you how many points you have to transfer from one property to another, and any additional costs associated with point transfers.

What are the disadvantages of Points Club Membership?

Disadvantages of Points Club Membership

Some of the disadvantages of Points Club membership include no guarantee that a member will be able to book a certain week and/or resort each year or any year as it is on a first-come-first-serve basis. The fee of joining a Points Club, along with the annual fees, may not make the Points Club a good choice when compared with the purchase of timeshare (especially if the timeshare is bought in the secondary market) or to a timeshare rental. Some Points Clubs up the value of points required for a week and/or resort causing the member to pay more in order for them to use the week or resort that they wanted. Because most points clubs are complex, there is a chance of becoming confused with marketing. One final comment, as with regular timeshare, the value of the points bought (unless resale) will be way less than when you bought them in the beginning.

What are the advantages of a points club membership?

Advantages of Points Club Membership

Some of the advantages of being a points club member are: the chance to utilize more/less than a fixed week time span, ability to make the most of longer periods of low season (like two or three weeks) or shorter periods (one week) of high seasons using the same amount of points, the opportunity in some clubs, to use points for other services such as flights, hotels etcetera, and finally the option to start membership with a small of capital and "top up" the number of points with further monetary payments later on down the road.

What methods are there for buying points?

Methods of buying points

There are two methods of buying points. One way is as pure points, which is the most costly. The second is by "ceding" an existing timeshare week or weeks in exchange for points. This is the least expensive option. There are no hurdles to jump in reselling pure points and they can be gifted or willed in the same way as a timeshare. Timeshare weeks ceded into the system are allowed to be un-ceded and reverted back to a week exchange system. Points can be bought at any of the affiliated resorts or through "sub agents." If you are a potential member snooping around for a bargain, you might want to consider buying a week in the secondary market to cede to points.

What if I don't have enough points to make a reservation?

Adequate Points

If you don't have enough points to make the reservation you want, you have the opportunity to borrow them from your next “UseYear.” You can also rent the points from Timeshare Points 4 Less so that you are not using up your accumulation of allotted points for the next year. If you want more points on a permanent basis, call Timeshare Resales Worldwide and they will assist you in acquiring the exact amount of points needed.

What are timeshare points?

Timeshare Points

Timeshare points are points that are allotted to the owner each year. They can be used to book a period or periods of time at any one of the resorts that is owned by that resort group. The points program permit owners to exchange a particular amount of accumulated credits for a week, weekend or individual nights at resorts that take part in the this program.

Can my points expire?

Expiration of Points

Expiration of points are possible. Points can expire depending upon each company's policy. In some companies, once your Points have been saved to the next year they will expire at the end of that second year into which you have saved them. Others have a rollover plan. All points that have been saved can be withdrawn and taken back.

What should I consider before choosing a Point Club?

Choosing Points Clubs

Before making your choice on which point club is right for you, ask yourself the important questions. For instance, whether you intend to enjoy a specific time period in the same resort at the same time every year, like for example if you need to take your time during the school holidays for your children. Perhaps taking vacation time at different resorts and different times of the year suit you needs better. Do you need to fluctuate the time of your vacation? What about the size of unit? Are you fond of occasional small breaks or perhaps just want a multiple of days as well as a main vacation? Money may the choosing factor. While the larger points clubs do tend to offer more security for future placements and can have a larger degree of choices, bear in mind that some of the smaller ones can be less expensive. Bottom line…take in everything and consider it in length!

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