Buying points

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What are the advantages of buying points?

Buying points

There are a tremendous amount of advantages of buying timeshare points verses buying a deeded timeshare slot. Points are just the thing for people wanting to vacation less than a week and and/or in a range of different locations. You get to choose your location, size of the unit, and length of your stay. There are numerous resorts that have literally hundreds of vacation areas where you can use points. Reserve timeshares all over United States, Mexico and the Caribbean, and let's not forget booking cruises.
Points are mostly linked with the larger timeshare developers, and unlike traditional timeshares, the points can be used in countless resorts in the developer's over-all system. Some say it's like owning all the resorts at the same time. Also points give you the ability to split weeks into 2 or 3 day periods if so desired.



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