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When should I deposit?

Timeshare Exchange Deposit

Deposit early! Whether it's for a holiday, school vacation, or family reunion, putting the deposit down easly will ensure your vacation plans. If you are unsure where you want to go for vacation, start researching timeshares in areas that are convenient to the season you're traveling. Keep this in mind: The earlier you deposit your timeshare for exchange the more opportunities you will have for an equal swap.

What are timeshare exchanges in general?

Timeshare Exchange Systems

The hypothesis of timeshare exchange is simply summarized as "like for like". Essentially, the type of timeshare you own will decide the type of timeshare you'll receive. So, when you finally decide to make your exchange request, bear in mind what kind of a timeshare you own, because you will most likely get a replica with the exact number of bedrooms and the exact season along with comparable amenities as what your home resort offers.

How do I decide on an exchange vacation request?

Determining Vacations

Before requesting an exchange vacation you must first consider where you want to vacation and then begin planning your vacation. When you request an exchange reflect on the following:

1) Is travel limited to during peak seasons or can you travel during off-season as well?
2) Do you travel generally around peak destinations, or during off-peak season?
3) If are restricted because of family and work, and you can only travel at peak seasons, think about purchasing a prime property or season.

However, if you are able to be flexible and travel during the off-season, you might not even have to considered anything “prime”!

How flexible should I be for exchanges?

Timeshare Exchange Flexibility

If you own a timeshare, you know that patience, and flexibilty, are virtues. Consider giving three or four different resort options as well as numerous choices for dates and times. If you're looking for Spring Break travel plans choose another sunny location. Being flexible and go with the flow will ensure you a great vacation, and a great trade.

How long does it take to confirm my exchange?

Exchange Confirmation

The majority of exchanges are confirmed within a 24-hour time period. If your requested destination is not immediately available, a computerized search will continue to look for like exchanges. All incoming rental exchanges will be monitored and followed up to 14 days before your planned departure date and time or until it is confirmed.

Explain the difference between the exchange seasons?

Exchange Seasons

When exchanging timeshares, the changing seasons often designates the popularity of any particular resort at that time. The most desired weeks (like a February week for skiing in Vail, Colorado) are considered high seasons and the less popular weeks (Winter in New Jersey) are low season weeks. High demand weeks are known as high season or red time, moderate demand weeks are known as mid season or white time, and low demand weeks are known as low season or blue time.

What is the priority for fulfilling my exchange request?

Fulfilling Request

The priority for fulfilling your exchange request is based upon six basic concepts:
1) The quality of your timeshare resort,
2) Whether your timeshare resort is in great demand,
3) What if any, is the want for your geographic area,
4) The popularity for the week you own (high travel season vs. quiet season),
5) The size of your unit and
6) When you deposit your timeshare week.

What is an internal exchange from say - RCI?

Internal exchanges

An internal exchange happens when you use your timeshare company to facilitate a transaction for you, instead of using your home resort for the exchange.
For example, if you own timeshare property with RCI, RCI can help with an internal exchange of your property instead of utilizing your home resort for the exchange. Of course there will be a slight fee for the service as it is treated just like any other exchange. Keep in mind that priority will be given to any owner wanting to exchange back at their home resort.

What kind of membership and exchange fees can I expect?

Exchange Fees

It is by charging membership fees and exchange fees that all exchange companies make their dough! Some vary among the smaller exchange group. Below you will find approximate fees for RCI and Interval International. Notice that Guest Passes are available. This is for when you are feeling generous and decide to give your week to close friends or loving family!

Membership for RCI - $89
Domestic Exchange for RCI - $149
International Exchange for RCI - $189
Guest Pass for RCI - $49

Membership for II - $79
Domestic Exchange for II - $121
International Exchange for II - $149
Guest Pass for II - $39

This is on an annual basis but if you pre-pay for multiple years you can receive a discount!

How do I make an exchange?

Make The Exchange

Making a timeshare exchange is as easy as rolling off a log! Simply pick up the phone and ask for a vacation consultant to assist you in the exchanging procedure. You then list your timeshare in the exchange company's resort directory. The directory is chocked full of timeshare properties all over the world. When you have found a location and a week that you are interested in just call the exchange company and request an exchange.
Remember that when you first list your property, it does not mean you have to make an exchange right then and there. Also, you don't have to wait for your listed unit to be taken before you decided to go somewhere else. And, you don't need to travel during the same fixed week that you listed!

How do I join an exchange company?

Join An Exchange Company

Right after you buy your timeshare, you will probably be interested in joining or using a timeshare exchange company. These companies are typically affiliated with your timeshare resort and will assist you in exchanging your timeshare for a comparable resort. Resort Condominiums International (RCI) and Interval International (II) are the two oldest and largest exchange companies in the world. Membership and Exchange fees are minimal. They offer timeshare catalogs, complete with descriptions and pictures of mega amounts of resorts all over the world. While these are the two most predominate companies there are a increasing amount of smaller independent exchange companies that are quickly and easily fulfilling trade requests like Trading Places, Donita's Exchange and the San Francisco Exchange Company.

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