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What are some of the up coming timeshare destinations?

Up-and-coming Timeshare Destinations

In growing destinations, whenever a demand for hotel rooms goes up, so do the needs for timeshares.

In contrasting to other Caribbean destinations, the demand for timeshares in the Virgin Islands has been small until lately. Timeshares are now gaining popularity on the islands of St. Thomas and St. John.

Cities major timeshare impediment is limited space, or at least is was up to now. Urban interval ownership has gradually become more popular in urbans like San Francisco, Boston, and New York.

India and China are becoming hot destinations, so of course, timeshares have sprouted with units opening up in Bangalore and Goa (in India) and Shanghai and Hong Kong (in China).

Napa Valley timeshares are increasing in this retreat of spa resorts and boutique inns.

The picturesque region of British Columbia/Vancouver is another location that timeshare buyers are gathering.

There are just some of the places that stand out were the market for timeshares is on the rise!

Can you give a couple of suggestions to stay in Tahoe?

Tahoe Resorts and Accomodations

Nothern Tahoe boasts excellent accomodations. Take Cedar Glen Lodge with cabins and lodge rooms with cable TV and phones. Some are equipped with kitchenettes while others overlook Lake Tahoe. It provides a daily continental breakfast and there is a hot tub on the grounds. Nightly rates ranging from $55 to $125.

Got and ideas for a Las Vegas vacation getaway?

Las Vegas, Nevada Vacation

When looking for great Las Vegas vacation getaway look no further than to contact Las Vegas DeluxeStay Condo! They provide rental homes and condos that are close to the attractions in Las Vegas. They are completely furnished and range from magnificence townhouses to charming, historical estates. They assist you in choosing the appropriate accommodation for you and your family so you will be sure to feel like you belong there!

Can you give me a sample of what a Myrtle Beach resort would be like?

Myrtle Beach

A great sample of a Myrtle Beach resort would be Westgate Myrtle Beach Ocean front which is conveniently located about one mile from downtown and rests on a picturesque stretch of beach on the Grand Strand. Amenities include an outdoor swimming pool and a holidome heated indoor swimming pool. It has a fitness center, a restaurant called Banana Bay, and a pool-bar café with live music. Right now the timeshare price is running about $200.00 a day ($1400.00 weekly). Westgate owners can rent the hotel rooms at this time but the timeshare units are not available for exchange until June of 2006.

Are there any golf resorts at Myrtle Beach

Golf at Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach has an assortment of resorts that are surrounded by quality golf courses! But tourists and timeshare owners alike in South Carolina will definitely want to check out one of the more popular Myrtle Beach vacation resort, Beach House Golf and Racquet Club. Situated near the Atlantic beaches, it offers tennis courts and charter fishing, along with providing an unlimited choice of more than 120 golf courses in the surrounding area! The resort itself has its own sandy beach and swimming pool. Every individual unit has a private balcony overlooking the ocean. Once in awhile these units will go up for auction. Winning bidder pays just $399.00 for closing costs, $35.00 resort transfer fee and a maintenance fee of $384.00 making it a total of $833.00 plus the amount of the winning bid.

How do I find a timeshare for retirees?

Timeshares for Retirees

When it boils right down to it, no one really uses his or her timeshare as a retirement home. However, there is an up swing in the amount of timeshare owners that vacation more in their retired years. This is particularly true if they had purchased their timeshare in their early working years when the payments were more affordable.

The majority of retirees are inclined to look for peaceful, secluded areas, like the little out-of-the-way cabins set up in the Wisconsin Dells, or maybe even a beachfront condo during the more or less low-key months of May or September.

Some of the most well liked choices for retirees include Arizona, Marco Island in Florida,Upper Midwest, England and Italy (both have a high amount of timeshare destinations), Colorado (except during the ski season), and finally the Pacific Northwest and Canada (again - except during the ski season).

What are the top ten resort areas at this time?

Top Resorts

It is not surprising that the ten top timeshare resorts reflect popular hotel destinations as well. The three major features that draw people are warm weather, beaches and an abundance of attractions that make Florida, South Carolina and California an automatic given on that list!

In Florida, Orlando has about 50% of the state's timeshare resorts, with a major portion of that revolving around Disney World. Not surprising is that Las Vegas is growing constantly which is obvious by the quantity and sizes of the timeshare projects evolving there. Europeans known for taking more and longer vacations than Americans are flocking to places like the Canary Islands. They are balmy, drenched in sun and easily accessible!

So grab that suntan lotion and pack those bags and head on out to your favorite corner of paradise!

Orlando, Florida
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Las Vegas
Florida coasts (both East and West)
California (especially Southern California)
Mexico (Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, in particular)
Southern coast of Spain and the Canary Islands
Southern Africa
Rocky Mountain states (Colorado and Utah, in particular)

Overall, they are the hottest timeshare destinations right now!

What is a good Williamsburg vacation spot?

Williamsburg Vacation

Looking for a great Williamsburg vacation timeshare? Look no further than Greensprings Plantation! A timeshare condominium whose two bedroom suite has the capability of sleeping six (one queen-size pull-out sofas in each living area) and is equipped with two baths. The four-bedroom suite has two living and dining areas, two kitchens, and laundry services. On-site amenities consist of: indoor and outdoor pools, lighted tennis courts, a Jack Nicolas golf course, exercise room, playground, and sauna or steam room, VCR or Player/Video Rental, Color TV. Attractions and entertainment includes Busch Gardens, the Pottery Factory, Virginia Beach, bicycle trails, boat marina/launching, fishing, horseback riding, sailing/rentals and water skiing. Rate is $200 per night or $1400 a week.

What are some Oahu vacation resorts that are available?

Oahu vacation

A couple of nice Oahu vacation timeshare resorts are Hawaiian Sunrise Beach Cottage and Ke Iki Vista Bungalows. The Hawaiian Sunrise is located in the coastal town of Punalu'u. Cottages are ideal for a sultry romantic getaway or tranquil enough for a family or four, retreat. Costs include the rate of $130 per night, Hawaii taxes of 11.42%, one-time cleaning fee of $75 and a required 100% REFUNDABLE Damage Deposit of $150. Weekly and monthly rates are available upon request. You will need to call or email for an exact quote. At Ke Iki there are beachfront bungalows and you can choose from ocean front or garden view units. There are roomy one and two bedrooms that include full kitchens, telephone/TV's and picnic areas that consist of spots with a barbecue and hammock! Beachfront bungalows go from $185 to $230 depending on regular or high night and if 1 or 2 bedroom. Garden view Bungalows are $125 to $190 depending on regular or high night and if 1 or 2 bedroom. Regardless of where you choose to stay, your Oahu vacation will be one for the memory books!

What kind of Fort Lauderdale, Florida Vacation is available?

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

In Fort Lauderdale, Florida check out a distinctive waterfront timeshare resort called Coconut Bay Resort. It is one of the more popular family vacation spots in Fort Lauderdale. Fishing is available off the dock or stroll down a couple of feet to the beach where you can do some ocean fishing along with other beach activities. It not only has a pool but a whirlpool as well with The Galleria (shopping mall) just a short distance.

Where can I still find some good deals?

Good Deals

Getting a “good deal” along with a "good value" is really about what matters to you. For some timeshare owners, it could be a $50,000 three-bedroom condo used during Christmas week (high season) in Vail, Colorado. For some, it just might be a week in a $4,000 studio condo in the middle of Minnesota in October (low season). Good deals and good values are more geared to what you want to accomplish with your timeshare, than with the cost!

What are some standard priced for resorts in Fort Lauderdale, Florida?

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Some standard prices for resort can be compared by looking at a couple of popular spots like The Marriott BeachPlace Towersn which features beachfront accommodations with views of both the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway. Selected weeks are from $161 to $575. With over 200 feet of private beach and smack dab in the middle of Fort Lauderdale's Galt Ocean Mile, is the Ocean Manor Resort. Their prices range from $105 to $444. And then there is the family oriented motel of the Seascape Resort which offers a more affordable vacation with prices going from approximately $85 to $99 depending upon, of course, certain selected dates.

Which is better for buyers, fixed or floating?

Fixed or Floating Resorts

Neither fixed or floating is better for buyers. Both are fine and there are advantages to each. It is merely up to an individuals wants and desires in which is most logical.

A fixed week owner does not have to bother calling the resort and requesting a reservation because every year their vacation time is the same week. This is great for someone who has a set schedule for his or her own purpose. For instance anyone who skis or is a beachcomber would be an ideal candidate for fixed time.

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