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What’s up with Colorado timeshares?

Colorado timeshares

Colorado timeshares are one of the most sought after timeshares around. You're looking at downhill and cross country skiing, horseback riding, and even hot air ballooning. You will have galleries all around you and children activities galore. The Colorado timeshares apartments offer extra amenities like the Internet and basketball/volleyball courts. Inns offer extras like outdoor spas, exercise studio, and jam packed clubhouses. Still others offer Gas-log fireplaces, central air and walk in closets. Regardless of which one you choose there is something to fit all your needs!

What information is available for an Oahu timeshare?

Hawaii Timeshare

An Oahu timeshare can consist of a 1 or 2 bedroom that sleep 4 to 6 people and are lavishly done with amenities of air conditioning, kitchen with microwaves, dishwashers and washer and dryer facilities. Some offer live entertainment and other Oahu timeshares have elevators and are wheelchair accessible. Still other offer playgrounds for the kiddies and attended childcare. Whirl pools/hot tubs/Jacuzzis galore with the specialties aimed toward the spas!

What about the heart of New York timeshares?

New York timeshares

New York timeshares in the heart of New York can't be beat! From Carnegie Hall to the bright lights of Broadway, there is plenty to see in New York. And the luxuries are all there for your rooms as well. Complete with kitchen and microwave and laundry area down the hall. Try out the saunas and/or spas. You will be able to work out in health club and dine in gourmet restaurants with live entertainment. Rooms are spacious with king size beds and French doors to divide the living area in some timeshares. Room service, dry cleaning, dog walking, wake up calls, appointment reminders and more.

What will I find for children's activities at timeshares?

Children's activities at timeshares

The various activities planned specifically for children vary depending on the timeshare. Some larger hotel timeshares offer both complimentary baby-sitting services and children's activities like arts and crafts, paddleball, creating personal t-shirts and testing their lungs and voices at karaoke. Others provide children's playgrounds, game rooms and Kid's clubs as their amenities. Outside children's activities at timeshares can include kids swimming pools, water parks, miniature golf courses and bowling. Some also offer family game shows and movie nights for the entire family as well!

What are San Antonio timeshares like?

San Antonio Resort Timeshare

What are San Antonio resort timeshares like? Salado Creek Villas, Wynwood Townhomes, Hyatt Wild Oak Ranch and Riverside Suites are all wonderful examples of San Antonio resort timeshares! Most offer two-bedroom/two-bathroom suites with some that offer an open floor that separate bedrooms and living areas. Master bedrooms have king-sized beds with a private Jacuzzi-tub and in-room hair dryer. Bathrooms have combination of shower tubs. An equipped kitchen features full-sized appliances of refrigerator, stove, conventional and microwave oven, dishwasher, cookware, silverware, dish settings and glassware. A complete kitchenette is available in studio units. Additional amenities in include two televisions and a DVD player in the living area

What will I find a Las Vegas timeshare offering?

Las Vegas timeshare

What will someone find in a Las Vegas timeshares? One, two or three bedroom residence or just a studio apartment can be found on the strip, on near the desert. Features include: Internet access, well-equipped kitchens, Cable TV/DVD, washer and dryer, and definitely - air conditioning. Some offer valet services and exercise facilities with personal fitness instructors. Check out the one with the interactive children's swimming fountains and for parents – whirlpool spas. Don't forget nearby golf clubs and shopping center galore and of course the casinos!

What Timeshare fitness programs are available?

Timeshare fitness programs

Timeshare fitness programs are available in most timeshares. They range from the standard well-equipped fitness and exercise rooms to an individual and personal exercise program. There are both water and land aerobics classes available to those who are interested. Equipment can vary but usually consist of treadmills, Cybex machines, stair masters, life cycles, Nautilus equipment, and assorted size weights. Let's not forget to mention that laps and sprints in the pool, and a good game of tennis, provide a great workout while on vacation.

Are day trips offered by timeshares?

Day trips

Day trips offered by timeshares can range vastly depending upon where you are staying. For instance, in Mexico there will be the opportunity to head out to the mysterious Mayan ruins of Tulum and Chichen Itza. In the Catskills, NY day trips to local attractions such a Monticello Racino, New York City, Woodbury Commons as well as a rafting trip on the Delaware River is available. In Daytona, you will be able to check out Ocala for zoos, glass bottom boats and for the unique is Cassadaga, a town with a spiritual touch. In Canada, you can take a day trip to Niagara Falls.
Day trips can be booked through the timeshare concierge. Most time shares work directly with travel companies in the area to provide group tours and excursions.

What does a cruise line timeshare offer?

Cruise line timeshares

Cruise lines timeshare offers owners a different type of cruise experience. Whenever possible, itineraries are created to go along with the interests of Cruise owners. Itineraries are normally port oriented, allowing extended at each port compared to normal cruises. Of course geographic areas depend on time of the year, the Caribbean in winter and the northern areas in summer. On deck you have the opulence of mega decking space for catching the sun rays. Most offer 2 pools, one with the availability of a couple of hot tubs and a pool bar. There are usually an outdoor café and a couple of buffets on deck as well. Staterooms offer living room with separate bedrooms, some with floor to ceiling bay windows. And for vegging out time, VCR and stereo with a whole bunch of CD choices! The marble bathrooms are pure luxury in itself with both tub and shower included. Let's not forget the gourmet meals, entertainment and a broad range of services and amenities such as, complimentary refreshments, special dining options and 24-hour room service!

What are some yacht timeshare amenities?

Yacht Timeshares Amenities

Yacht timeshare amenities are luxurious and exhilarating! We are talking enormous cabins containing walk-in closets and full size beds with a Jacuzzi on the top deck!
This luxury yacht docks at ports on the whims of the owners. It's manned by a crew of six that includes a captain and an experienced chef! It is loaded with every possilibly imanaged water playthings, from jet skis and ocean kayaks to motorized dinghies and SCUBA gear. What we are describing is a multiple ownership of the vessel, for $13,000 giving you the rights to a week aboard this indescribable megayacht every year (a share for a week every other year is $7,995). Membership also offers $11,900 for three years, $14,900 for five years and $34,900 for a lifetime membership. Extra fees are $500 annual dues and paying to fill up the boat with gas when it's returned. Yacht timeshare amenities offers you a chance to live like the rich!

What can I expect out of an Aruba timeshare vacation?

Aruba timeshares

For an Aruba timeshare vacation you will definitely feel the balmy breezes and see the swaying palms trees that everyone talks about but there is so much more than just that. You will walk into guest suites that are spacious with balcony views, most living rooms have sleeper sofas, and there are fully equipped kitchens with dishwasher and microwave plus an eat-in dining room! They come with telephone service, satellite television/VCR while some of the Aruba timeshare even offer an in-room safe for your valuables. On the premises are laundry rooms and swimming pools with hot tubs or spas. Several even have transportation to the local shopping areas and yes – casinos!

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