Cruise line timeshares

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What does a cruise line timeshare offer?

Cruise line timeshares

Cruise lines timeshare offers owners a different type of cruise experience. Whenever possible, itineraries are created to go along with the interests of Cruise owners. Itineraries are normally port oriented, allowing extended at each port compared to normal cruises. Of course geographic areas depend on time of the year, the Caribbean in winter and the northern areas in summer. On deck you have the opulence of mega decking space for catching the sun rays. Most offer 2 pools, one with the availability of a couple of hot tubs and a pool bar. There are usually an outdoor café and a couple of buffets on deck as well. Staterooms offer living room with separate bedrooms, some with floor to ceiling bay windows. And for vegging out time, VCR and stereo with a whole bunch of CD choices! The marble bathrooms are pure luxury in itself with both tub and shower included. Let's not forget the gourmet meals, entertainment and a broad range of services and amenities such as, complimentary refreshments, special dining options and 24-hour room service!



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